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"UPS delivered my ResQUp right on schedule October 21, and it is perfect in every way, even better than I could have expected. Amazingly light-weight, expertly designed and constructed in every detail, sturdy yet easy to handle. I was able to use it successfully on my very first try, and much more so since.

Needless to add, I shall not be returning my ResQUp to you. It has rapidly become - and will remain - a very important possession for the rest of my life. With profound gratitude, Al Eipper

See this video that Mr. Eipper sent us using the ResQUp.

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Fall Prevention

Among seniors, fall prevention is the number one factor in improving longevity and quality of life. Fall prevention is even easier if you have the strength and balance to use a tool like the ResQUp.

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Senior Falls

Whether you’re caring for someone who is prone to senior falls or you are prone to falls yourself, it’s important to allow the senior to get up again on their own to reduce caregiver injury.

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Safe Patient Handling

Safe patient handling is important for both the patient and the caregiver. The most any caregiver should lift is only 35 pounds. NIOSH and other organizations have already adopted no lift policies.

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